Website Updates Before November 2001

October 17 ==> Made skeletons for Athletics Arcade Team Profile. Video now available for RBI ultimate glitch - enjoy.

September 26 ==> Added Giants Arcade Team Profile. Updated current players on Where are they now? page, thanks to Daniel Rentz. Ultimate Glitch coming real soon, hang on tight...

September 22 ==> Added Dennis Kim's site to the Links page. Created the Yankees Arcade team profile.

August 21 ==> Updated email addresses on the profiles page and removed bad links. Made The RBI Arcade Page

August 14 ==> Fixed a typo and added a link to Eddie's Page. Fixed some menubar width problems for Netscape6/mozilla.

July 31 ==> Added new pic of Potsie to the Profile Page

July 24 ==> Reorganized the Index Page. And added a new pic of Lips on the Profile Page

January 8th ==> Prettied up the Gantry vs. Lipitz Page.

January 7th ==> Began inital work on Wrestling Page.

January 6th ==> Cosmetic changes to Friend's pages, added FAQ to Main RBI Page.

January 5th ==> Restored old version of old webite.