To Do List

Here's the tentative list of updates that need to be taken care of for the website. Highest entries have the highest priority. The plan is to update existing features before adding new features, but that will not always be the case.

At the very least, I would really like to get all the arcade profiles up to date before we add new features. Anyway, here's the list, and the person assigned to the task:


  • Make Profile for Jason
  • Add Dodgers Arcade Synopsis
  • Get 10 entries on Reviews Page
  • Put Tourney 2k1 Pics on site
  • Clean up NES New York Synopsis
  • Clean up NES St. Louis Synopsis
  • Clean up NES Houston Synopsis


  • Add Oakland Arcade Synopsis
  • Get Touney 2k1 pics off camcorder
  • Clean up NES Detroit Synopsis
  • Search for more RBI Links
  • Provide quick ratings of CDs on Reviews Page
  • Wrestling Updates?


  • Add Boston Arcade Profile Page
  • Add Marc Sullivan Legend Page
  • Clean up NES AL Synopsis
  • Clean up NES NL Synopsis
  • Add Mike Heath Legend Page
  • Get Digi-Cam pictures of Nick, Jason, & Jae


  • Add Braves Arcade Profile Synopsis
  • Clean up NES San Fran Synopsis
  • Clean up NES Boston Synopsis
  • Clean up NES Minnesota Synopsis


  • Add Cubs Arcade Profile Page
  • Provide two questions for the FAQ

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