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RBI Tournament 2000


April 22nd 2000, a day that will live in infamy. Four warriors went to battle in a grueling test of skill, patience, and drunken dexterity. While there was room for only one victor, each man (except Potsie) proved his worth in this historical RBI 2000 Championship. Armed each with only an outdated Nintendo controller and 18 Miller Lites, the combantants faced off against their foes in a two-game round robin tourney. Four hours, twelve games, and 12+ beers per person later, two men emerged from the round-robin and squared off in a best-of-three contest to determine the RBI 2000 Champion. Four men go in, one man stumbles out...

Note - These games were all played under strict adherence to the rules of the RBI Drinking Game. Trust me, it wasn't easy..


Enjoy - though there aren't any "in action" pictures or screenshots, just the Dee Nee crew acting goofy. Still rather funny...

The Results

Round One:
  • Gantry defeats Sperling 2-0
  • Potsie ties Lipitz 1-1
  • Notes - Gantry wins game 2 on extra innings homer by Doug DeCinces. Potsie wins first game and foolishly chooses Minnesota for game 2.
Round Two:
  • Sperling defeats Lipitz 2-0
  • Gantry ties Potsie 1-1
  • Notes - Sperling trounces Lipitz and puts him in deep hole. Potsie takes game 1 with Boston to the disbelief of Gantry.
Round Three:
  • Lipitz defeats Gantry 2-0
  • Sperling defeats Potsie 2-0
  • Notes - Gantry's only hope of making playoffs goes through the window when Potsie make a horrible drunken fielding mistake in game 2. Lips predicted entire round on camera.

Round Robin Scores:
  1. Sperling 4-2
  2. Lipitz 3-3 (wins head-to-head tiebreaker)
  3. Gantry 3-3
  4. Potsie 2-4
The Finals
  • Sperling defeats Lipitz 2-1
  • Notes -In a matchup of two Detroit players, Lips won the preliminary Rock-Paper-Scissors match (see pic), meaning he would get to play Detroit in games 1 & 3. To everyone's amazement, Sperling wins two games with California, including the barnburner in game 3.

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