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RBI Tournament 2001


April 14th 2001, a day that will live in infamy. Four warriors went to battle in a grueling test of skill, patience, and drunken dexterity. While there was room for only one victor, each man (except Potsie) proved his worth in this historical RBI 2001 Championship. Armed each with only an outdated Nintendo controller and 18 Miller Lites, the combantants faced off against their foes in a two-game round robin tourney. Four hours, twelve games, and 12+ beers per person later, two men emerged from the round-robin and squared off in a best-of-three contest to determine the RBI 2001 Champion. Four men go in, one man stumbles out...

Note - These games were all played under strict adherence to the rules of the RBI Drinking Game. Trust me, it wasn't easy..


It's been almost a year since the tourney, but still no pictures. Blame Lips for the delay - waiting for him to get them off the camera. If you want to see them, send him an angry e-mail

The Results

Round One - Potsie ties Sperling
  • Sperling (Det) 23, Potsie (Bos) 14
  • Potsie (Det) 15, Sperling (Cali) 11

  • Notes - The recently soft-hitting Sperling surprises everyone by crushing 19 homers in game one. Potsie goes Detroit in game 2 (a team he plays about once every two months) and proves Gantry wrong by pulling out the victory.
Round One - Gantry ties Lipitz
  • Lipitz (Det) 19, Gantry (Cali) 9
  • Gantry (Det) 21, Lipitz (Cali) 8

  • Notes - Lipitz comes out swinging and slaughters the heavy favorite Gantry. It was Gantry's first slaughter in quite some time. Gantry comes back strong in game 2.
Round Two - Potsie ties Gantry
  • Potsie (Det) 12, Gantry (Cali) 11
  • Gantry (Det) 12, Potsie (Bos?) 2

  • Notes - Gantry loses yet another game and could be on the ropes. Once again though, he comes back strong with a game two slaughter. Detroit certainly seems to be the flavor of the tourney, winning all six games so far.
Round Two - Sperling sweeps Lipitz
  • Sperling (Det) 8, Lipitz (Cali) 3
  • Sperling (Cali) 18, Lipitz (Det) 7

  • Notes - Lipitz solidifies his reputation as a one-team-wonder by scoring a pathetic 3 runs with California in 9 innings.
Round Three - Lipitz sweeps Potsie
  • Lipitz (CA) 14, Potsie (Det) 4
  • Lipitz (Det) 14, Potsie (SF) 4

  • Notes - Lipitz finally breaks the non-Detroit streak and wins with Cali. Potsie, knowing he isn't going to make the finals, gives San Fran a shot and fails miserably.
Round Three - Gantry sweeps Sperling
  • Gantry (Det) 17, Sperling (CA) 7
  • Gantry (CA) 14, Sperling (Det) 6

  • Notes- Gantry continues his domination of Sperling, raising his chamionship record against him to 4-0 (including last year). The sweep doesn't matter though, these two will meet in the finals.
Round Robin Scores:
  1. Gantry 4-2
  2. Sperling 3-3 (wins head-to-head tiebreaker)
  3. Lipitz 3-3
  4. Potsie 2-4
The Finals
  • Gantry (CA) 10, Sperling (Det) 0
  • Gantry (Det) defeats Sperling (CA), score unknown

  • Notes - Gantry comes out with a quick 10-0 slaughter in game one. By this point, both combantants are very drunk and Sperling skills are rapidly depleting. Game two went 9 innings, but both finalists were too drunk to remember the score.

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