The Banned List


The rules of the banned list are quite simple. If a person or movie appears on this list, they have been banned from watching. If you are flipping the channel and Paul Hogan comes around, you must immediately change the channel.

Jurisdiction of list - If there is any movie starring any person on the banned list, you are not allowed to watch that movie. Unless denoted with **, you are allowed to watch a TV show starring that person.

Chuck Norris has received the dubious honor of being the only person to receive the Four Star Ban (****). The quad star means the person is banned from movies, books, TV, and commercials/infomercials. Chuck is barometer by which all banned starlets are measured, never has one man acted or written so horribly across so many mediums. Congrats Chuck!

The Players

Paul Hogan
Terry "Hulk" Hogan
The Entire Cast of Full House
Whoopi Goldberg
Steve Guttenberg
That dude from "Goodburger"
Martin Short
Marc Singer
Barbra Streisand
Chuck Norris ***
Pauly Shore
David Allen Greer
That little "Timmy" dude
Any Talking Non-Human
Any Movie Starring An Animal
Bette Midler
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Jim Varney (aka Earnest)
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell
Treat Williams
Carrot Top
Bill Cosby
Jon Ritter
Vanilla Ice
Whitney Houston
Dolly Parton
Shannon Tweed
Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan Collaborations
Imaginary Friends (especially ones that talk)
Gerard Depardieu
Tony Danza **
Dudley Moore
Kirk Cameron
Jason Priestly
Jonathon Taylor Thomas

Elizabeth Berkeley
Dustin Diamond **
Hugh Grant
Tim Allen **
Roddy Piper
The Lawerence Brothers
Kenny Rogers
Jeff Speakman
Oprah Winfrey
Mario Lopez
Any and All Divas
Dom Deluise
Mr. Bean
Jerry Springer
Ricki Lake
Sally Field
All Musicals
Sandra Bullock
Dennis Rodman
Howie Long
Jessica Tandy
Jon Bon Jovi
Cindy Crawford
Olympia Dukakis
Britney Spears
Lorenzo Lamas **
Lil' Kim

Chevy Chase Post-80s
Eddie Murphy Post-80s
Marc Hammil Post-Star-Wars
Cory Feldman Post-Corey Haim
Van Damme Post-Cyborg

Honey I Shrunk Whatever
Police Academy X
Any movie starring a kangaroo
More to come....