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These are the more organized picture sets, some good stuff on here. Individual pictures are in the next section...

The Pics

Here are a collection of Images we have kept along our RBI travels. There will be much more updating of this section (written 11/15/2001) in the coming weeks, so come back for more RBI Goodness!

RBI Feats

A collection of impressive feats in the game of RBI itself. Most of these feats will come from forum members, but anyone is game to email me a pic.

The Videos

All the assorted videos we have regarding RBI Baseball. If people really want to see more stuff of this nature E-Mail me and I'll be sure to add some. For now, making videos is a pain, so we'll keep it short and sweet.

RBI on YouTube

The Sounds

All the beeps and whistles you come to expect from such an old game. Enjoy, I guess...


Everything else for RBI that isn't a pic, sound, or video...

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