Boston Red Sox

The Starting Lineup

Name Nicknames Bats Pos Avg HR Pwr Sp Ct
Marty Barrett Marty McFly Right 2B .286 4 735 134 16
Bill Buckner Billy Buck Left 1B .292 18 789 118 14
Wade Boggs The Wabbit Left 3B .357 8 789 128 4
Jim Rice RBI Right LF .324 20 891 126 10
Don Baylor D.B. Sweeny Right RF .263 31 924 136 29
Dwight Evans The Silver Bullet Right CF .259 26 891 122 27
Rich Gedman Go Go Gedman! Right C .274 16 861 120 21
Spike Owen I Suck Left SS .231 1 735 132 34

The Bench

Name Nicknames Bats Avg. HR Pwr Sp Ct
Dave Henderson Hendu Right .265 15 879 122 26
Tim Burks Ellis Right .272 20 888 140 28
Tony Armas Tits & Ass Right .264 43 918 118 28
Marc Sullivan Stinky Sullivan Right .193 1 789 118 38

The Staff

Name Nicknames Arm ERA Sf Sr Ss Cl Cr Dr En
Roger Clemens Rocket Right 2.48 210 186 166 9 6 4 44
Bruce Hurst The Worst Left 2.99 192 181 169 4 5 9 40
Calvin Schiraldi None Right 1.41 200 184 173 5 3 2 15
Bob Stanley The Steemer Right 1.81 184 157 138 9 6 8 15

Team Synopsis, by Potsie

Boston is my team and I'm just about the only person who uses them. This is due to the fact that they have only one left handed batter and the Red Sox don't seem to show their full potential every game. Either Boston hits a shitload of home runs or only a couple; there is no happy medium. If you can't hit with right handed players, pick another team.


You must start the game with the only good pitcher on this team: Roger Clemens. He has the second best fastball in the game and can usually give you about 7 strong innings. If he doesn't make it through the fifth, there is almost no chance of winning. After Clemens, put in Stanley who can usually pitch 2 or 3 good innings but can't go more than that. Hurst should only be used against lefties and only for less than 2 innings. Calvin Schiraldi sucks and should never be used.

The Lineup

  1. Sub Armas for Barret. Armas is one of the most powerful hitters in this game. He is one of the few batters capable of hitting 5 home runs but he is the slowest runner in the game. He is the only player who has hit into the 5 drink groundout. You might think that it would be stupid to put such a slow runner in the top of the order, but for some reason he hits ten times better in this spot.

  2. Sub Burks for Bill Buckner. Ellis 'don't call me Tim' Burks is a powerful hitter and is the second fastest on the team next to Don Baylor. I've only used Bill Buckner in a few times and that was enough to tell me that he sucks.

  3. Wade Anthony Boggs isn't the most powerful number three hitter in the game but he still has some pop in his bat. He averages about a home run and a single per game. Boggs is the only lefty on the team allowing him a chance for the lefty hit if a man is on first.

  4. Jim 'RBI' Rice is the fucking man. He is a much better hitter when there are runnners on base, but he still very capable of hitting a solo shot. He, like most of the Red Sox players, is pretty slow but he makes up for it with power.

  5. Don Baylor is the best player on this Boston. He is the fastest man on the team and the most powerful hitter; a lethal combination. He and Andre Dawson of the National League All Star team are the only two who have hit a center field home run over the score board and get an extra screen change.

  6. Dwight Evans, who is the better of the two Evans (the other being Darrel of Detroit), has been on a tear lately. He has been good for 2 homers and about 4 rbis a game. He is definitely one of the most underrated players in the game.

  7. Richie 'Go Go' Gedman is a powerful but very inconsistent hitter. He either hits all third base groundouts or all singles and homeruns. He is also extremely slow and on a good day can give Tony Armas a run for his money.

  8. Sub Dave Henderson for the all mighty Spike Owen. Even though Owen's stats are extremely enticing, you must take him out. Henderson is capable of hitting multiple home runs and his first at bat home run percentage is one of the highest in the game for bench players.

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