San Louis Cardinals

Name Nicknames Year Bats Pos Avg. HR
Lou Brock None 72/67 Left OF .311 21
Rogers Hornsby None 25/22 Right 2B .403 42
Stan Musial Stan the Man 51/48 Left OF .355 39
Jack Clark None None Right 1B .297 41
Ken Boyer Boy-air 1961 Right 3B .329 24
Curt Flood Flood Pants 67/62 Right OF .335 12
Ted Simmons Slimmons 1975 Left C .332 18
Ozzie Smith The Wizard 1985 Left SS .276 6

The Bench

Name Nicknames Year Bats Avg. HR
Vince Coleman Vicente None Left .283 1
Willie McGee Ugly ??/85 Left .301 10
Joe Medwick None 1937 Right .374 31
Johnny Mize Mizer 1937 Left .364 25

The Staff

Name Nicknames Year Throws E.R.A
Bob Gibson Gibby t 1968 Right 1.12
John Tudor Tu-dare None Left 3.26
Dizzy Dean None 1938 Right 1.81
Todd Worrell None None Right 2.23

Team Synopsis, by Gantry

St. Louis is what you would qualify as a mid-tier team in Arcade RBI. They have some big bats and good speed, but their lack of power keeps them out of the upper echelon. Still, they are capable of beating any team on a good day...


St. Louis has a quality staff, with all four pitchers worthy of playing time. Gibson is solid and having a left-handed starter like Tudor is very helpful when a mostly lefty lineup (such as the Yankees) comes to town. Their relievers are also quite capable, with Worrell taking the closer role. You have a lefty, a fast starter and a good closer - all the ingredients needed for success...

The Lineup

  1. Lou Brock is just about the perfect leadoff man. With his speed, you can consistently go with the intentional grounder to short and beat out the throw. He can also come through with the Lefty Hit when a runner is on first. And finally, if you feel like swinging away, Brock has the ability to go yard. Solidity through and through...

  2. As expected with a .400+ average and 40+ homers, Rogers Hornsby can hit. Even with those monster numbers, he trails Willie Mays for best right-handed hitter honors. Regardless, he's a great #2 hitter and should be able to knock Lou Brock home (you ARE stealing second with Brock, right?)

  3. Stan Musial is one of the greatest players in the history of baseball. Even with all his incredible statistics, his greatest claim-to-fame is this - he went to high school with Potsie's grandma. Wow...

  4. As with his surname-sake Will Clark, Jack Clark is the exact same player in the Arcade and NES. I chalk this up to lazy programming, but enjoy the home runs and wince at the double-plays. You're best off clearing the bases with Musial, as Jack prefers to hit dingers with nobody on...

  5. Here is where the problems for the Cardinals begin. Ken Boyer pretty much sucks, but you're bench is too weak to sub for him. McGee and Coleman aren't full-timers and Medwick & Mize need to be used at the 6 & 8 spots. So keep in Boyer and expect a lobotimized version of Brian Downing...

  6. Curt Flood fought Major League Baseball and became its first free-agent. A great legacy for him to leave, no doubt, but in Arcade RBI he's just another pathetic righty. Take him out and bring in big-swingin' Johnny Mize. Your standard power-lefty off the bench. Lots of homers...

  7. All I remember about Ted Simmons was the 1971 Topps rookie card of his that Nick had. He isn't very good, but the thin St. Louis bench forces him to stay in. If you are a speed maven, sub in Coleman, but I keep him in and live with the lack of production...

  8. Congrats for making the Hall of Fame Ozzie Smith, but yo' ass has gots to go! As with San Francisco, the Cards have a Triple-Crown winner sitting on their bench. Bring in Joe Medwick - decent power and an all-around plus in the eight spot. Prone to the double-play, but you can do worse here (see Nettles)...

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