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Jim Lindeman, RBI Legend

Jim Lindeman


Quick question - what's the greatest thing to come out of Des Plaines, Illinois? If you said that original McDonalds franchise or that new White Castle on River Road, you are way off. It's the one and only Jim Lindeman, RBI Legend:

The Facts

  • Born January 10th, 1962
  • Played his college ball at Bradley University in Illinois
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1986-1994
  • Hit a Home Run in the 1987 NLCS
  • Faced off against former college teammate Kirby Puckett in the 1987 World Series
  • From the great town of Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Was a "Roving Hitting Instructor" for the White Sox Training Centers
  • Currently varsity coach of the Rolling Meadows High School Baseball Team

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Jim Lindeman is the man, pure and simple. His play on the field of RBI is nothing short of legendary. Most rookies to the game scoff when big Jim takes the field, but us veterans know better. After Jack Clack, he is the most powerful hitter on the Cardinals roster. Put him in at the seven spot and watch the homers fly...

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