Chicago Cubs

Name Nicknames Year Bats Pos Avg. HR
Ryne Sandberg Ryno 1984 Right 2B .314 19
Phil Cavaretta None 1945 Left 1B .355 6
Billy Williams Billy Dee 72/70 Left OF .333 42
Ernie Banks Mr. Cub 1958 Right SS .313 47
Andre Dawson Hawk None Right OF .286 48
Hack Wilson None 1930 Left OF .356 56
Ron Santo None 67/65 Right 3B .300 33
Jody Davis Jody, Jody Davis 1983 Right C .271 24

The Bench

Name Nicknames Year Bats Avg. HR
Leon Durham Dur-Ham, Dur-Ham 1984 Left .279 23
Manny Trillo None 81/80 Right .287 7
Dave Kingman None 1979 Right .288 48
Stan Hack Hack-A-Shaq 1938 Right .320 4

The Staff

Name Nicknames Year Throws E.R.A
Rick Sutcliffe Red Baron 1984 Right 2.69
Fergie Jenkins None 1968 Right 2.63
Bruce Sutter Su-tare 1969 Right 2.23
Lee Smith None 1986 Right 3.09

Team Synopsis, by Nick


As I sit in front of my keyboard trying to describe the Chicago Cubs pitching rotation, only one description really comes to mind, hardly average. For as long as the Chicago Cubs have been an organization in Major League Baseball, I honestly cannot recall a single season where they have had an entire pitching staff that can overwhelm hitters. Well, Atari's arcade version of RBI Baseball certainly provides an accurate yet depressing version of what they believe to be the Cubs all-time pitching rotation. They start you off with 1984's hero Rick Sutcliffe aka the Red Barron. Sound okay so far? Well wait until you actually start pitching him. Sutcliffe lacks velocity on his fastball in a really big way. Unless I am doing something wrong, I cannot recall being able to have him throw a fastball over 90mph. This is really disappointing since that lacking certainly eliminates a much-needed weapon from his limited arsenal. But folks listen, you have no choice but to utilize Sutcliffe because second in the rotation is Ferguson Jenkins. Now when a name like Jenkins comes to mind, one should feel a sense of calm knowing the caliber of pitching they have in Jenkins. Heck we are talking about a hall of famer! As far as I know Fergie was not only known for his fastball but some other crafty pitches as well. Arcade RBI has really done an injustice to Fergie by not giving him the capability to even throw a halfway decent pitch. His RBI counterpart really lacks all the qualities of a great pitcher. Folks, I am scared to throw him!! It's impending disaster of biblical proportions!! If Sutcliffe gets tired, please do yourself a favor and go straight to the relievers, you are a lot safer that way. Speaking of relievers, I question that you will find a better one-two combo than Bruce Sutter and Lee Smith. Man are these guys good, especially Smith. He has all the qualities of a dominant reliever. It is good to know that a bright spot does exist in this all right-handed pitching staff.

The Lineup

Coming Soon!

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