Sperling's Profile

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Personal Info

Nickname: Sperling, Gizo
Forum Nickname: Sperling
Hobbies: Working, Making People Wait For Him
Favorite Drink: SoCo and Diet
Favorite Simpsons Quote: "The goggles do nothing!" - Ranier Wolfcastle
Favorite Band: Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Taco Bell Meal: NCAA Beef Supreme Chalupas
Failsafe pickup line: Get out of my face, bitch!
Family Friends: Ryan Longwell, The Mush, Shaun Alexander
Dekalb Claim to Fame: Ralphing on a table at Amnesia

RBI Info

Favorite Team: Detroit
Favorite Player: Tom Brookens
Favorite Arcade Player: Jimmie Foxx
Favorite Arcade Team: Boston
Most Hated Player: Marc Sullivan
Best At: Defense and Throwing
Worst At: Coming Back When Down
Best Moment: Scoring 21 Runs with NL in the 1st
Worst Moment: Getting swept by Potsie in the 1999 finals
Inspiration Song: Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action
Claim To Fame: 2000 RBI Champion