San Francisco Red Sox

Name Nicknames Year Bats Pos Avg. HR
Rick Burleson Burly! 1976 Right SS .291 7
Fred Lynn Fredly 1979 Left CF .333 39
Ted Williams Theodore 70/73 Left RF .403 43
Carl Yastrzemski Yaz 1967 Left CF .326 44
Jimmie Foxx Jamie 38/32 Right 1B .349 58
Wade Boggs WAB, Wabbit None Left 3B .371 25
Carlton Fisk Pudge 1977 Right C .315 26
Bobby Doerr None 1945 Right 2B .309 18

The Bench

Name Nicknames Year Bats Avg. HR
Jim Rice RBI 79/78 Right .325 46
Dwight Evans Silver Bullet 78/77 Right .287 24
Tris Speaker Speaker of da House 25/23 Left .389 17
Joe Cronin Mickey 32/40 Right .318 24

The Staff

Name Nicknames Year Throws E.R.A
Luis Tiant Andre the Tiant 1974 Right 2.92
Roger Clemens Rocket 1986 Right 2.48
Cy Young Cyrus 1905 Right 1.82
Dick Radatz None 1964 Right 2.29

Team Synopsis, by Greg Pines

Boston has a very solid lineup, lots of leftys, and lots of power. Offensively they are just slightly behind the yanks. At first they were my number 2 ranked team in the Atari League, until I played numerous games with them and realized that SF is the number 2 ranked team. Boston's pitching is much weaker than the Giants staff, so Boston is the number 3 ranked team for me. Scoring runs should not be a problem with Boston, Keeping the other team from scoring might be tough. This team reminds me of Detroit in the Tengen league. They got the 3 lefties in the 2-3-4 spots, a good hitting team, with piss poor pitching.


First of all on paper these pitchers look great. But they suck. Lets start with Luis Tiant, average fastball at best, no movement whatsoever, he throws barrel finders. Roger Clemens the toughest son bitch to hit on the NES, is a major disappointment in the Atari League. His fastball does not have the velocity that you would expect, and he doesn't have the good slider that he had on the NES. He is basically just another righty. Cy Young is the one bright spot on the staff, right handed, some movement, but he's a releiver so he can't pitch very long, Radatz like Tiant throws batting practice. You need to try to paint the corners with these guys, they don't have any pitches that are going to make any hitter look stupid.

The Lineup

  1. Rick Burlson - this R.B.I. Legend must come out. Jim Rice is the man, he might not be very fast, but I waste no time in getting him in the game. Typical Rice we know and love, but now comes with 46 homers. Nothing better than a leadoff homerun.

  2. Fred Lynn is a lefty that has a good avg(.333) and good power(39). He will hit second.

  3. Another lefty, Ted Williams - .403 avg, 33 HR's, always makes solid contact and hits the ball hard. He doesn't lift the ball as much as I would like, but I think he knows what he's doing.

  4. Yazstr has the coolest name in all of RBI, he hits bombs, and he always says "chicks dig the long ball"

  5. Jimmy Foxxxxxxxx, this is a powerful right handed hitter, leave him in, usually deposits the ball off the screen to left center.

  6. Boggs has improved his game from the Tengen version, he dropped some spots in the lineup, has better average, more homers, but still hits like the old Boggs. If he was a righty I would probably take him out.

  7. Fisk stays in the lineup, unless he starts playing like a jackass then I take him out.

  8. Sub in Tris Speaker in the 8 hole, lefty hitter with a good average, decent power.

The Rest

  • Evans and Cronin will be on the bench staying loose ready to hit for the pitcher, I can only stand to see those guys hit once a game.

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