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Personal Info

Age: 26
Nickname: Siiiir
Family Friends: Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Gregg Lloyd
Favorite Drink: 7 and 7
Hobbies: Sarcasm, The Cubs, Farting
Favorite Simpsons Quote: "Simpson, eh?" - Mr. Burns
Favorite Taco Bell Meal: Big Beef Burrito Supreme
DeKalb Claim to Fame: The bouncer at our parties

RBI Info

Favorite Team: New York Mets
Favorite Player: Danny Heep
Favorite Arcade Team: Chicago
Favorite Arcade Player: Ted Williams
Most Hated Player: Jim Lindeman
Best At: Bunting
Worst At: Winning
Claim To Fame: Naming his ESPN team "The Danny Heeps"
Best Moment: Getting two straight bunt hits against Potsie
Inspiration Song: Metallica - One