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Personal Info

Nickname: G, Burrito
Forum Nickname: Gantry
Hobbies: Hackey Sack, Pinball, Avoiding Bathing
Favorite Drink: The Ribbon
Favorite Line: "Two Dollars!!" - Better Off Dead Paperboy
Favorite Simpsons Quote: "Ho!!!" - Popcorn Truck Driver
Favorite Band: Dillinger Four
Favorite Taco Bell Meal: Bean Burritos
Failsafe pickup line: So, I hear you like burritos...
Family Friends: Andre Reed, Al Del Greco, Joe Jurevicius
Dekalb Claim to Fame: Purposely failing a class so he wouldn't graduate

RBI Info

Favorite Team: California
Favorite Player: Reggie Jackson
Favorite Arcade Team: New York
Favorite Arcade Player: Mickey Mantle
Best At: Hitting with Lefties
Worst At: Holding a 9th Inning Lead
Best Moment: Hitting 7 straight HRs with Harry Spilman
Worst Moment: Blowing the deciding game of the 2002 finals
Inspiration Song: Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Claim To Fame: The Retreat