Oakland Athletics

Name Nicknames Year Bats Pos Avg. HR
Rickey Henderson Hendu 81/83 Right OF .319 9
Bert Campaneris Mad Hits 68/70 Right SS .276 22
Reggie Jackson Potatoes 1973 Left OF .294 32
Mark McGwire Big Mac None Right 1B .294 62
Jose Canseco Cansco None Right OF .275 54
Sal Bando Sally 69/73 Right 3B .287 31
Gene Tenace Tee-Neece! 1975 Right C .255 29
Dick Green Darrell 63/69 Right 2B .270 12

The Bench

Name Nicknames Year Bats Avg. HR
Dwayne Murphy Dale 1984 Left .256 33
Joe Rudi Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! 1972 Right .302 19
Mickey Cochrane Cock and Balls 34/32 Left .320 23
Carney Lansford None 83/84 Right .308 14

The Staff

Name Nicknames Year Throws E.R.A
Vida Blue None 1986 Left 3.27
Jim Hunter Catfish 1973 Right 3.34
Rollie Fingers None 1973 Right 1.91
Lefty Grove None 1928 Left 2.57

Team Synopsis, by Greg Pines

The A's are a pretty average team in the Arcade League, their green uniforms are a nice break from the abundance of red and blue teams in R.B.I. They will give you about 5 or 6 solid innings in curved style, striaght pitch you might be in trouble, They got some big hitters in the middle of the lineup, if you get the other dudes on base enough you might have a chance to win.


In straight style Violet Blue might get lit up like a candle, but in curved style his ball has plenty of movement to both sides of the plate to be effective for about 4 innnigs, maybe more if he is well rested. The Catfish is a lot like Violet, his ball moves pretty well, but he doesn't last long. You better use their curves wisely and try to save their arms, cause if you got Fingers and Grove on the bump with the game on the line, you will lose, they have no movement, and after they give up a couple of hits they get scared and start serving it up.

The Lineup

  1. I don't like Ricky, walks and Stolen Bases don't mean shit in R.B.I. I've never used this player, I'm sure he's fast, but even faster is me calling time and inserting Dwayne Murphy in the 1 slot, left handed, power, good avg, hits like Kirk Gibson. No Brainer for me.

  2. Campers will stay in the lineup, this is your typical Right handed 20 homer guy, has probably a B speed, in straight pitch might get you a token homer everygame, curved-style don't expect anything except infield flys and double plays.

  3. Reggie is Good!

  4. Sweet 62, the man who made this game must have known that Mark was going to hit 62 someday, he allready penciled in his stats. With the most Homers in both versions of R.B.I. he is the scraiest guy to pitch to. Anyting near the plate Mcguire hits very very far.

  5. Canseco might not be valuable to a Big League team anymore, but he will always be in the lineup for me in R.B.I. at 54 homers he does not disappoint.

  6. Sal Bando, 31 homers might get you some token homers, but usually his sister Sally shows up to the yard, with those numbers she might be nice to look at, but she can't hit worth shit.

  7. Gene Tenace will occasionally hit a wall scraper, but he also has a sister name Gina and she can't hit either.

  8. Dick Green, First thing you do is say Hell No, call time, sub in Cochrane, Micky gives you some solid production at the end of the lineup,(very important after Sally and Gina try to slap the ball around) left handed, good avg, and shows more power than the 23 jacks that are listed.

The Rest

  • Joe Rudi is like Rudy Ruddiger(or however you spell it) he might have his day in the sun eventually, but until then he is best just rooting for his teamates.

  • Carny Lansford, might pinch hit for my pitcher late in the game, but he doesn't ever get any hits, I don't like Carnys', nomads, circus folk, small hands, you know smell like cabbage.

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