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Pat Sheridan, RBI Legend

Pat Sheridan


Pat Sheridan really didn't do much in his career of Baseball. Actually, for an outfielder and a designated hitter, his stats were really pathetic. But one thing is for sure, he's a stud in the realm of RBI Baseball:

The Facts

  • Born December 4th, 1957
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1981-1989, 1991
  • Never hit .300, 20 homers, or 60 RBIs in a single season.
  • Was a member of the Kansas City Royals team that won the World Series in 1985.
  • Had a game-winning two-run homer in the bottom of the 8th inning in Game 3 of the 1987 ALCS.
  • Earned a whopping salary of $343K in 1987, second worst on the Detroit RBI squad, with Nokes cleaning up at $68K.
  • Got inducted into the Eastern Michigan University Athletic Hall of Fame in the fall of 1998.

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Pat Sheridan didn't personally accomplish much on the playing field in MLB, but in RBI Baseball, he's a legend. Once used only to spite a certain opponent (Potsie), Sheridan has blossomed into an all-out stud, homering in any given game and outdoing everything he could have wished for in MLB.

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