Detroit Title Pic

The Starting Lineup

Name Nicknames Bats Pos Avg HR Pwr Sp Ct
Alan Trammell AT Right SS .343 28 831 138 6
Kirk Gibson KG, Kimmy Gibbler Left LF .277 24 894 138 20
Darrell Evans The Original, Mr. Six Left 1B .257 34 951 120 29
Matt Nokes Fatty (Matty) Left C .289 34 852 120 18
Larry Herndon None Right RF .324 9 759 122 10
Chet Lemon Chester Copperpot Right CF .277 20 882 122 21
Lou Whitaker Sweet Lou Left 2B .281 16 837 130 25
Tom Brookens TB Right 3B .241 13 897 126 34

The Bench

Name Nicknames Bats Avg. HR Pwr Sp Ct
Pat Sheridan PS, I Love You Left .259 6 831 134 28
Mike Heath Heath Bar Right .281 8 819 120 16
Bill Madlock Mad Dog, Zadick Right .307 14 849 128 14
Dave Bergman B to the E to the RG, MAN Left .273 6 789 120 23

The Staff

Name Nicknames Arm ERA Sf Sr Ss Cl Cr Dr En
Doyle Alexander None Right 1.53 188 172 150 11 5 3 40
Jack Morris Jack-N-Coke Right 3.38 193 173 153 8 3 4 40
Willie Hernandez Guillermo Left 1.11 198 160 146 3 6 3 15
Eric King Burger King Right 2.33 186 177 162 7 2 6 15

Team Synopsis, by Lipitz

Detroit is a shared team now, as Mark, Gantry, Potsie, and I fight for the right to play with them. Detroit has the best quality of batters in terms of lefties, and as everyone knows, lefties are better than righties. Detroit also has the best bench player in the game with Pat Sheridan, IMHO.


As far as the pitching goes, we all go a different route... Mark likes to use the Alexander/Morris starting rotation, Gantry might start King, while I'll strictly go with Alexander, opting to save Morris for some middle relief. Many times one pitcher is enough for Detroit with their advanced slaughter ability, but at times reinforcements must be made. Many opposing players die for the chance to face Guillermo, but he has been known to make some noise against the lefties in the later innings. All in all, Detroit's pitchers are all pretty good and can the job done.

The Lineup

  1. Alan Trammel...Is there a better token homer hitter? I think not. This man is full of bases. If he gets a single, expect a run. He has remarkable speed, but a double with him is overrated as the lefty hits are coming.

  2. Kirkaguard is part one of the Dynamic Duo in RBI. He definitely can hit with the best of them. Kimmy Gibbler is a lefty. And as a true lefty in RBI, he can't be held down. Stats don't lie either as KG is the only player in all of RBI-land to hit six homers in a single game.

  3. Once thought to be the best home run hitter in the game, Darrell Evans doesn't hold back. He's one of the game's select few who has 6-drink potential. While I have been known to swing late at pitches, Evans has taken full advantage of it. The late swing homer (also known as the "uh-oh" hit by me) is a hit coined for Evans. His most recent nickname, The Original, was spawned from many being that he is the original DE, not to be mistaken for Dwight Evans. And another, those great Coors commercials. Thank you Willie.

  4. Fatty Matty is known for lots of things. Speed, Speed, Speed and Grand Slams. Well, ok I lied. He's definitely a slow piece of poo who sometimes fails to reach first base with a bouncer to right field. He is a catcher, remember. Fatty definitely feeds off of the juiced bases, though. He loves to dish out the 10-drinker to a nearby opponent. And as I say, if Fatty can't do it...PS CAN!!!!

  5. Pat Sheridan, the man that changed RBI. Detroit always used this position to house Mad Dog until one night...a long, long time ago. I was looking to change Mark's typical Detroit line-up, and with Mad Dog slumping, the opportunity arose. "And then there were four..." Four lefties batting back-to-back, a scary thought for opposing pitchers. I must give Potsie some credit for this line-up change. For without him, the "PS is not one of the lefties" argument would have never taken place, and without the argument, PS might not be standing here today. Still to this day, Pots has neglected to accept Sheridan's ability as a true lefty long ball hitter.

  6. This position has been a toss-up. Whether it be Chet "Lemon Party" or Bergman, both have their strengths. I like to put Bergman into the line-up only when there's a man on first (for the lefty hit), but I just won't go down that route in the first inning -- Chester is a great player, and he deserves at least one at-bat. Gantry, on the other hand, likes to put Bergman in right away to give Detroit a seriously tough line-up of lefties; 6 consecutive...

  7. Sweet Lou...Not much can be said about him. Like every other Tiger, the long ball is his friend.

  8. Tom Brookens is known for his defensive play. While Detroit is saturated with lefty hitters, many other teams throughout the game are not. Meaning one thing...a lot of ground balls to the third base side. TB is a vacuum cleaner, rarely does a ball get past him. Along with his great defensive play, and while some people will disagree, TB truly is a good hitter. Being a righty isn't always a bad thing...

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