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Someone on the RBI Mailing List informed us of an EBay auction for an RBI Arcade Game. Potsie, Sperling, Lips and I all chipped and picked it up for a relatively cheap $207. Unforunately, the thing was being shipped from Canada, so shipping cost almost as much as the game. Anyway, we've had it for many months now and love it.

Arcade vs Nintendo

The Arcade version of RBI is very similar to the NES version. From a graphic and gameplay standpoint, they are exactly the same. That being said, here are some of the differences:
  • Different Teams - RBI Arcade has an entirely new set of rosters and teams. Instead of the regular lineups from the 1986 season, RBI Arcade features 10 All-Time teams - Oakland, Houston, Los Angeles, Cincinatti, San Francisco, New York Yankees, Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, and Boston. There are some great matchups in there, Koufax vs. Ruth, Cy Young vs. Mays etc...

  • Faster Gameplay - Overall, the arcade game is slightly faster than its Nintendo counterpart. Nothing major, but just enough to screw up your rhythm when switching back and forth...

  • No BOPs - BOPs (aka computer errors) do not exist in the arcade version, taking away some of the randomness...

  • Super Carry - The fly balls go much higher and travel much deeper, making for much more homers...

  • Timer - You only have a certain amount of time to throw or make a substitution, otherwise the computer will throw the pitch or cancel. This makes sense when you consider the game is played on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Also, after a set amount of time, your credit is up and you have to put another quarter in.

  • Instant Ending if losing to the CPU - If you play the computer and are losing at any point, the game instantly ends. Though this seems sucky at first, it does add a slight challenge to the woeful CPU opponent...

  • No Extra Innings - If a game is tied after 9 innings, it simply ends that way. Easily the most frustrating aspect of the arcade, as any game that gets that far deserves to have a winner.


Here are some pics of our arcade game Warning!! most of these suck
  1. Front View
  2. Side View
  3. Title Screen
  4. Instructions Close-Up
  5. Full Shot of Instructions
  6. Controller
  7. Some of the Guts
  8. Arcade Game with Supermodel She-nee-nee
  9. She-nee-nee action shot
  10. She-nee-nee in a standard pose
  11. She-nee-nee getting freaky!
  12. The Crue Rules!!!

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