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Marc Sullivan, RBI Legend

Marc Sullivan


The name Marc Sullivan strikes fear into the heart of every RBI'er playing against the Boston Red Sox. You know that at some point late in the game, Sullivan will be batting for the pitcher. When he does, a large percentage of your pitches will end of over the fence. He is the Rusty Staub (or Manny Mota if you prefer) of RBI Baseball - a one AB (and only one AB) wonder. Here's the lowdown:

The Facts

  • Born January 28th, 1958
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1982-1997
  • Batted an incredible .417 in his first two seasons (12 ABs)
  • Was on the Red Sox World Series team of 1986, but apparently didn't get to play
  • His father Haywood Sullivan was a Major League catcher and used to own the Red Sox
  • Currently a licensed Real Estate Broker

To Learn More


Marc Sullivan is a terrifying pitcher sub, one of the toughest 9th inning outs in the game. He is super clutch and will get you that big home run when you need it. He does have some downsides, however: (1) Never, I repeat Never try to use Sullivan for an entire game, it just doesn't work (2) Only use Sullivan when you absolutely need him; he's a clutch hitter but is worthless for padding a lead or getting a bases-empty single. If you learn to utilize Marc Sullivan's skills and steer clear of his limitations, you will have a wonderful relationship.

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