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Harry Spilman, RBI Legend


Harry Spilman wasn't known as the best hitter or the best fielder or the best baserunner. That wasn't Harry's style... He preferred to add a supporting role, and support he did. The figures never lie:

The Facts

  • Born July 18th 1954
  • His real first name is William, Harry is his middle name
  • Is ambidextrous - bats lefty, throws righty
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1978-1989
  • Hit a Home Run in game 3 of the 1987 NLCS vs the Cardinals
  • Currently hitting coach of the Houston Astros

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I'll admit that Harry Spilman isn't one of the first names that pop in your head when you consider the all-time greats. But for anyone who has used Harry in RBI, his name will always comes to mind. He is the best pinch-hitter in RBI Baseball (though some may disagree with me on this), and that is one impressive mark to leave. Who cares if you only hit 18 homers in 12 years, you're in the RBI Elite!!

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