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Current RBI Champion!

Personal Info

Full Name: Jason B.
Nickname: Bookewoo
Forum Nickname: Racktacular, nee Vitb6
Hobbies: Fantasy Sports, Video Games, Arbys
Favorite Drink: The Purple Hooter
Favorite Line: "Do or do not...there is no try" - Yoda
Favorite Taco Bell Meal: The Chilito
Family Friends: Sam Cowart, John Lockhart, Neil Rackers
Favorite TV Show The O'Reilly Factor

RBI Info

Favorite Team: Detroit
Favorite Player: Lou Whitaker
Most Hated Player: Dick Schofield
Best At: Hitting Lockhart homers
Worst At: Pitching
Claim to Fame: Creating Dah-Nah
Best Moment: Winning the 2005 RBI Tournament
Worst Moment: Getting slaughtered with AL by Gantry and SL in 2 innings
Inspiration Song: Anything by Ludacris