Lips' Profile

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Personal Info

Nickname: Lips, Gumby
Forum Nickname: Lips
Family Friends: Brian Urlacher, Adam Vinatieri, Joe Horn
Favorite Drink: Miller Lite
Hobbies: Drunken Wrestling, Fantasy Football, Entertainment News
Favorite Simpsons Quote: "Homer. Simpson, Homer. D'oh...Simpson." - Mr. Burns
Favorite Band: Quantum Leep
Favorite Taco Bell Meal: Chicken Nachos BellGrande®
Failsafe Pickup Line: So, I heard you like Shros...
DeKalb Claim to Fame: Taking a dump at Subway
Las Vegas Claim to Fame: Betting the Mother Load
Wrestling Claim to Fame: Beating an NCAA Division I All American

RBI Info

Favorite Team: Detroit
Favorite Player: Darrell Evans
Favorite Arcade Team: Oakland
Favorite Arcade Player: Mark McGwire
Most Hated Player: Rob Wilfong
Best At: Coming back from big-run deficits
Worst At: Taking a loss in stride
Best Moment: Hitting a game-winning granny with Ozzie Smith
Worst Moment: Losing the Y2K Championship on my 23rd birthday
Inspiration Song: Karate Kid Soundtrack - You're the Best Around
Claim To Fame: Bitching far before the game is over