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Rick Burleson, RBI Legend


What can be said about Rick Burleson that hasn't already been written? Well, basically anything since nobody writes about Burleson. I figure is was right time that Burly got his due. Here's some nuggets of info regarding RBI Great, Rick Burleson:

The Facts

  • Born April 29th 1951
  • Nickname was Rooster (we prefer Burly)
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1974-1987
  • Four-time All-Star
  • Gold Glove winner in 1979
  • Was the SS for the 1975 Boston Red Sox, who lost one of the greatest World Series of all-time
  • Was stranded on 3rd at the end of the 1978 Divisional Playoff between Boston and New York, the game of the Bucky Dent homer.

To Learn More


Outside of being on the wrong side of two of the most famous events in Major League Baseball history, I'd say Burleson has had quite the career. As an RBI player, he plays a pivotal role on the bench (though he typically starts in the eight spot for me) of the great California Angels team. In the arcade version, Burleson is the leadoff man for the all-time Boston Red Sox team.

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