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Terry Puhl, RBI Legend


Outside of Lipitz's mom, Terry Puhl is our favorite Canadian. From his roots in Mellville, Saskatchewan, Puhl blossomed into a rock for the competitive Houston Astros teams in the 1980s. He batted well, fielded well, and ran well - a model of consistency and fundamentals...

The Facts

  • Born July 8, 1956
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1977-1991
  • Made the All-Star team in 1978
  • Has the higest fielding % for an outfielder in baseball history (.993)
  • Batted an oustanding .526 in the 1980 NLCS
  • Batted over .300 in three seasons
  • Has the most career hits and games ever by a Canadian
  • June 27th, 1992 was Terry Puhl Day
  • Elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995

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In RBI, Terry Puhl is one of the few bright spots on an awful Houston team. He has tremendous power (especially for Houston) and should be subbed in at the leadoff spot. Crack open a Labatts and enjoy the production from this fine Canadian!!

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