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Rob Wilfong, RBI Legend


Rob Wilfong is probably best known for one of two things. The first is his tremendous mustache, while the second was being on the bad side of the trade that brought Tom Brunansky to Minnesota. While this may not be the most desirable legacy to leave, we here at are trying to change that. We prefer that Rob Wilfong be known for his play in RBI Baseball. Here's a quick bio:

The Facts

  • Born September 1st, 1953
  • Played in the Big Leagues from 1977-1987
  • Was traded with Doug Corbett for Tom Brunasky in 1982
  • Had a game-tying RBI single in the bottom of the 9th of the 1986 ALCS.
  • Spent some time as a big-league scout for the Detroit Tigers
  • Gantry once had a dream that he went to college with Rob's mythical son (Rob Jr.)

To Learn More


Rob Wilfong was one of the first big-time, crap-stat pinch hitters in RBI Baseball. You never forget that first time you subbed Gary Pettis for Wilfong, the Angels became a whole new team. Though he may not have put the big numbers in real-life, in RBI Roberto always comes through. And that's what truly matters...

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