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December 27, 2002

The big day is upon us, the 2002 RBI Baseball Tournament!! Three days and 32 teams, should be one heck of a battle. I am going to get the living shit kicked out of me, but it's all good. I'll probably bring a digital camera and take a few pics for the site. Check Mike's page and the forums for semi-frequent updates. Time to go home and pratice against the CPU for a couple hours...

December 4, 2002

Lots of good stuff going on since the last update. First off, a new Online RBI Baseball League has been started up. It'll be a 10-team league and will use Internet play. Very exciting to get this going again, so go to the page and join up!

On the competitive RBI Front - Mike Beales has completed the lottery for the upcoming 32 Man Tourney, you can find the brackets and matchups here. I draw Marty Stoka in the first round, don't know anything about him. I've actually been playing with real people, so hopefully I can put up a decent fight and not embarass the dee-nee name. I still swing at every pitch, but my curve skills are starting to come together...

I've added some pics and sound to the Media Page - 25 game pics of Family Stadium and a strange Live cover of Super Mario and RBI. The Super Mario and RBI cover was done by Mr. Bungle, headed by former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton. There's another song of theirs with an RBI sample at the end, but it's on another machine at work. I'll add that one shortly...

Lastly, happy 45th birthday to RBI Legend Pat Sheridan. Shit, he can still put on the cleats and play a few more years. If Orosco can do it, so can PS!

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