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January 31, 2002

Release The Hounds!!!

In the absence of the Yahoo Board, I have thrown up a new forum for discussing RBI Baseball. The URL is http://forums.dee-nee.com/ - it seems to work relatively well and only requires you register a username & email address. On the main page, there will be a link in the upper-right corner called register. Go there and follow the instructions, it's relatively straight-forward. Once you have your password emailed, login and go to your profile (on the same menubar as the register link) to change your password. From there, go into the RBI Baseball board and post away...

January 30, 2002

First off, the Yahoo Message Board is no more. Somebody hijacked the admin's email password and dissolved the site. Don't people have anything better to do? Don't worry though, we are testing a new solution - check back Friday for the biggest update to dee-nee.com since its inception...

In RBI updates, not much - finally cleaned up the Links Page, removing a bunch of broken links and added one for a Dickie Thon site. Seems like the RBI sites are getting thinner and thinner. Don't worry though kids, I ain't goin nowhere...

Per usual lately, our biggest updates are NES related - Potsie, Lips, and I hit Funcoland/GameStop and bought about a dozen new games a couple of which (Ninja Gaiden, Lolo, and Super Mario 3) have already been beaten. Of course, this makes it even more difficult to conquer all the games, but we'll pull it off...

January 25, 2002

I have recieved two emails this week about Rick Stucliffe hitting homers. From what I can see, he is the most powerful pitcher in the game. Hopefully one day, I too will witness the pitcher homer...

In RBI updates, Adam Hirsch sent an email regarding a glitch where you hit a homer and it is called foul. It has been added to the Glitch entry on Glossary Page. Also added a sound clip for Dah Nah, check it out on Media Page.

It was a good week for the NES - Commando, Rush n' Attack, Mega Man 3, and Ninja Gaiden II went down. The NES Victory Page has been updated. At this pace, we may actually beat all the games before the year is out. Of course, being the idiots we are, we've saved all the difficult and unenjoyable games for last.

January 20, 2002

Added an RBI Team Synopsis for the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm getting very little support for the other teams, so it may be awhile before you see any more arcade profiles...

It was a pretty boring weekend in the Dee-Nee house, so we had plenty of time to play NES. As a result, 3D Worldrunner & Mega Man 2 were defeated and have been added to the NES Victory Page. As I type this, Lips is finishing up Mega Man 3. I got to the last guy in Rush n' Attack as well, so those two should be on the list shortly...

Finished up reading Breakfast of Champions, you can see what I thought about it on the Reviews Page.

January 14, 2002

Added a new RBI Legend profile - Terry Puhl. Once Sperling/Potsie get the Marc Sullivan legand page up, we'll have a legend profile for every team...

Lips, Potsie and I took down two Nintendo games yesterday - Castlevania and Three Stooges. Castlevania was a bitch to win, Dracula is one of the toughest end guys in video game history. Changes have been updated on the NES Victory Page.

January 9, 2002

Set up a profile for our good friend Jae Choi. Can also be accessed via the left-side navigation bar under "Friends" - one for Jason should be up relatively soon.

Added my Reviews Page. It's a page where I'll be reviewing all the new CDs and Books in my collection. Nothing related to RBI (which is why the navbar link is under Home), but I'll post updates to it on the main page...

Moved all the December updates to the Archives Page. The plan is to move a month to the archives when I get five or so updates for the current month. This will save bandwidth and keep the main page from getting too long.

January 8, 2002

Added a To Do List of all the pending updates for the website. For the most part, the updates on here will be the first pages taken care of. Either way, all changes will be listed here upon completion. It'll be a good place to check for updates-to-come.

Hall Of Famer!

Congrats to RBI Great Ozzie Smith for making the Baseball Hall of Fame! His name has been added to the illustrious list on the Where Are They Now page. Gary Carter was only 11 votes shy, look for him to make it next year...

January 7, 2002

The following RBIers are on today's Hall of Fame Ballot:

  • Ozzie Smith
  • Gary Carter
  • Frank Viola
  • Jim Rice
  • Bert Blyleven
  • Dale Murphy
  • Alan Trammell
  • Jack Morris
  • Andre Dawson
  • Don Mattingly
  • Lenny Dykstra
  • Keith Hernandez
  • Robbie Thompson

Best shots are Smith, Carter, and Trammell. Good luck to all...

January 4, 2002

Added a new RBI Legend profile - Tim Teufel

Added a new user-submitted rule - you can only change pitchers once, and it has been added to the FAQ. Thanks to Dan Wagner for the update.

January 1, 2002

This is Lipitz signing in. I just wanted to say, Happy New Year to everyone out there hitting Gantry's site. Keep hitting it as 2002 is going to be a great year. All of us here at dee-nee.com love the emails. Keep those coming as well. Ok, time to get back to the girlie. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

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