January 2004 Archives

January 7, 2004

Just want to give a congrats to RBI'er Paul Molitor for making the Hall of Fame. It's complete fucking crap that Ryne Sandberg didn't make it, but that's not Pauly Walnuts fault. The Where are they now page has been updated...

Actually, I've done a whole bunch of updates, but I'll divulge them later...

Happy birthday to Kendall Kamick, one of my oldest friends. Unfortunately we don't keep in touch anymore, but he's still a great guy. Google searches on his name were sparse, so hopefully this will become the top hit. Then he can contact me if he ever decides to search on himself. Clever eh?

One more birthday - to Frosty Jo Zettler, who didn't quite make it to her 17th birthday. The family dog passed away last year, we miss ya Frosty!

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