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June 30, 2003

We had a power outage at work today... After bringing up the server, the forums serve a blank page and the apache logs are full of segmentation faults. So consider the forums temporarily down for awhile. Hopefully will get them up tomorrow...

June 12, 2003

With the recent flurry of ROM work by the devoted forum members, I decided it was finally time to go ahead and make a page with all downloadable versions of RBI. Well, here it is - The RBI ROMs Page. I intend to keep this updated with all RBI ROMs that cross my path. So if you make a ROM or know of one that isn't on this page, email me or post it on the forums. I also made "ROMs" a direct link on the left-hand navigation menu, under RBI. Too many people didn't know where to find my old ROMs page when it was buried at the bottom of the Media Page. To conserve space, I removed the Website Todo link. Download those ROMs and let me know what you think...

I am now on a quest to get every player of RBI into the RBI Hall of Shame, so help me out and track down some embarassing moments. I recently added Billy Hatcher's corked bat, Nolan Ryan's run-in with a coyote, Kent Hrbek's wrestling hi-jinks, Paul Molitor's glove-induced injury and Lou Whitaker's wedding accident. We still have a long way to go people, so hunt down the dirt on your favorite RBI'er!

Starting today, I am going to make every webpage update a new thread on the forums. At the bottom of every update, I'll have a direct link to that thread where you can add information, test out errors or any other general comments. I figure most of the regulars check the forums more often than the main page, and this way they can wait for me to notify them of the updates. A win-win situation...

Discuss this update on the Dee-Nee Forums

June 6, 2003

Lipitz checking in. It's time to get some more video coverage online. And with me, there's always screaming, so beware. Anyways, to prep this first video clip, it's the second game of the Best-Of-Three championship between Gantry and I. Gantry's (Detroit) up by two runs, and it's the bottom of the 9th inning, while I'm (Boston) upto bat with one out. Jason is the guy commentating...and when you hear me bitching about Molly, that's Jason's dog. We'll get a picture up of her shortly as she was one (if not the only) mascot of the RBI 2K3 Tourney.

Boggs Saves The Day - 6MB Windows Media Player File

This second clip, nearly four minutes long, is a classic. With it, you get a lot of distractions (from Gantry), a strikeout, a nearly impossible hit, a huge championship-winning walkoff homer in the 10th inning, excitement topping the Ghosts 'N Goblins victory, a very distraught man, a barking dog, a "Booyaa", and much much more...

Destiny - 9MB Windows Media Player File

And for those of you who want to see a few images from the tournament, here you go. I'm sure Gantry will change this to a nicer slideshow, at some point.

Tourney Images

June 5, 2003

All Hail King Lipitz!

The Champion

The long drought is over, Jamie Lipitz is your 2003 RBI Champion, sweeping Internet RBI Legend Gantry Zettler in the finals. Wade Boggs wins the MVP award for his clutch 9th inning dinger off Willie "Lefty Killer" Hernandez. We may get some info up shortly, but for now check out the forums thread which has most of the details. This is Jamie's first title, and it does come with a bit of controversy. The defending champ, who shall remain nameless, chucked his controller in the 8th inning of his final game, resetting the Nintendo and therby giving Lipitz a slaughter and the #1 seed in the finals. But it's all good, as we are working on a new tiebreaker system that insures the people in the finals will determine their own destiny. Though losing in the finals two straight years sucks, it a big relief to automatically qualify for the semi-finals next year. The competition will be rough...

I removed the April updates from the main page and added them to the Archives...

June 1, 2003

Today is the day, the redo of the 2003 RBI Tournament. The first attempt ended up in a three way tie and this time we're playing until somebody drops. Or we tie again...

We're supposed to start in 5 minutes, but Potsie isn't up, Jason isn't here and we don't have beer. My guess is that we'll get going around 1pm Central time. Check the forums for all relevant updates.

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