March 2003 Archives

March 26, 2003

We are back from Kansas City, home of the 2003 NCAA Wrestling Championships. Lips kicked my ass for the 4th straight year in the wrestling matchup, but it was still a fun time. Sperling and Jason tied this season, but Jason's victory last year gives him first pick. We did add KC to our list of cities where we played RBI, as we had some quality games out there. Least of which was a 7-6 10 inning stinker against Jason that I added to the "records page".

In RBI news, I have added some choice tidbits... The largest addition would be the list of our strange RBI tendencies. It's pretty much a list of all the stupid things we do while playing...

March 14, 2003

Finally added some links to RBI Central and A new online RBI league.

Potsie was kind enough to point out a grammatical mistake on the FAQ question - Who are the better hitters - lefties or righties?. As to why he was searching for grammatical errors on the FAQ at 6:33am today, I'm not sure. He's a strange strange man...

Sperling update - he's still in Fort McCoy, though some of their equipment is being moved to Jacksonville. Still doesn't know where he's going or when, but something has happened. Sort of...

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