The Potsie Hall of Shame

Potsie Pic

Poor, poor Potsie... Though he usually tries his darndest, he just cannot stop himself from doing something stupid in RBI. The man is a rock - give him enough games (and beers) in a night, and he'll pull off the mind-numbingly awful play. The uninitiated would attribute this to dumb luck or a momentary lapse in judgement, but these people don't know Potsie. You want the truth? You can't handle Potsie's truth!!!!

This is just a taste of what Potsie has pulled off. Mind you, all of these impressive feats are unique to Potsie, nobody else has sunk so low:

  • Giving up a game-winning grand slam to Ozzie Smith
  • Giving up 2 grand slams to John Kruk in the same inning
  • Losing 23-0 in one inning
  • Losing 23-2 (on 23 hits, 6 HRs) in two innings
  • Striking out twice in a row (in straight pitch people!)
  • Striking out twice in a row to end the game (same game as above)
  • Giving up two authenic bunt singles in one game
  • Hitting into a triple-play to end the game
  • Striking and bunt-striking out in consecutive ABs (12/18/2001)
  • Giving up an inside the park homerun on a popup to 2B (12/18/2001)
  • Vince Coleman stole home on him (6/16/2002)
  • Losing three times in a row to Houston (6/2002)
  • Giving up 19 runs to Houston (7/10/2002)
  • Giving up 4 Homers to Bob Brenley (7/16/2002)
  • Giving up 2 Homers to Lee Mazilli in one inning (7/25/2002)
  • Giving up 2 Homers to Alan Ashby (3/5/2003)
  • Getting 1 run in a 9 inning game with Houston (5/10/2003)
  • Striking out looking and caught stealing on the same (straight) pitch - 5/29/2004
  • Got slaughtered 14-3 with NL vs Mn (Gantry) in 1 inning (7/4/2003)
  • Gave up two homers to Roy Smalley in one inning (7/4/2003)

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